Monday, December 5, 2011

This weeks goals

At one of my favorite blogs,, she posts her weekly goals and I find them very intriguing and inspiring so I decided I'm going to start doing the same.  If for no other reason, than to hold myself accountable.  Here are this week's goals:

Family/mothering Goals:

-At least one story time, and one visit to the library for new books
-At least one new fun activity for this week (I'll post about that)
-Keep morning and bed time routine consistent

Personal Goals:

-At least one good long Yoga session (I have to stay small on this goal because it's really hard for me to get motivated)
-One long aerobic exercise session
-Help Laura with one of the children's classes in the area this week
-One Blog entry a day

Home Management:

-One DIY seasonal decoration
-Millet oatmeal cookies
-Complete chores for the week

Friday, December 2, 2011

When you feel like giving up

I want to give up on blogging, on goals, on organization, and zone out in front of the tv with a pan of cinnamon buns.  I want to hide from the world with my stomach ache and heart ache and over active mind- the hustle and bustle of running around in circles with my thoughts going nowhere, which is where many thoughts, that stay just thoughts, will lead you. 

Because in this day and age it's not important what you think, really- well to the extent that thought is creative and leads to action it is, but I mean... in the long run, what I think, about me, those around me, my lack of direction and inability to conquer certain reoccuring challenges (such as eating the whole pan of cinnamon buns...again)- these are not so important, especially when they stay cooped up in my head weighing me down like a shackle....

They are like shackles.  And I know too well how thoughts can create a prison of self: familiar grooves in brain connections comfortably firing their same old pattern of hopelessness. "Woah is me! (hand to head in a dramatic gesture of self pity)." How did I end up here with such a positive upbringing, with high moral direction, and impeccably shiny happy people holding hands all around me as a kid...

I'll tell you- I did not end up here.  This is no ending- I've mistaken my head from my rear- Why this is the beginning!- ahead is where I am going- I do believe I was looking behind me for the last...oh, lets see... 5 days or so: (Since I got the stomach flu on Sunday... that's about when I caught this case of the pity me's).  To conclude... on a postive note, since my head got sidetracked grammatically correcting this nonsence:
 x( Problem) + y (solution) = hmmm...

 x (Life) -- y( problem) = solution, wait... that's not right either.  I don't even know if I can fit an x and y in there.  Wouldn't that be great if it were a formula.  I think there definitely is a formula but it's more like:  (Oh... well actually this is totally an individual formula) prayer + service, definitely need more of it, so for me: + more service + community (to the power of some big number-not sure how to type that) + one step at a time + COMPASSION (for self AND other) -- any negative self talk + mysterious divine grace (that I so easily forget) = Contentment and fulfillment. 

There.  Piece of Cake.  Check answers by doing the problem backwards: yep- correct.  I think I feel better already...: ) (That so strange to think I feel some way... can you feel your thoughts like you think you feel something- yeah I guess I can really feel my thoughts some times...interesting...)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Beautiful Quote on Service

"I slept and dreamt that life was joy.
I awoke and saw that life was service.
I acted and behold, service was joy."
- Rabindranath Tagore

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Deep Breaths

I just recently discovered that if I make my breath long and full like ocean waves while I'm putting Haley to bed, she falls asleep fast, I get relaxed and the night is more peaceful.  Just thought I'd share.

Breath is an amazing tool, for coming into the moment, slowing down, and calming down, and it's hard to talk about breath without breathing more consciously and deeply.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An itty bitty goal

My little goal for today:
replace 5 minutes of computer madness with 5 minutes of meditation. 
Was it life changing? not really- but it sure did feel satisfying.

I think achieving goals uses spiritual muscles that for me are some what weak at the moment. 
So starting itty bitty is important and soon maybe I'll be able to go for days without plugging in
(thought I guess if I'm going to get serious about blogging that might not work)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Home Made Popsicles

In my opinion, the best way to get a picky toddler to eat her fruit is turn it into a popsicle.

Haley will eat anything in popsicle form ( except carrot juice)  I have even taken those
Odwalla smoothies and put them in a popsicle mold- green drinks, veggie/fruit mixes,
we love popsicles.

Our popsicle combo of the week: blueberry, banana, soy milk.  


"The Trajedy in Life
doesn't lie in not
reaching your goal. 
The tragedy lies in
having no goal to reach."
-Benjamin Mays

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thankyou Awareness

While searching online for hours it seems, tweeking my search threads to find just the exact collection of writings to motivate, inspire, and leave me with a feeling of fulfillment and togetherness, I realized that what I was searching for cannot be found online (what a shocker)... and might actually require me to get up off my bum and take action... in reality, and not in the virtual cyberspace I have gotten thoroughly lost in.  Thank you awareness.  I'm going to go do some yoga now.   

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Haley and I went shopping today.  I'm not much of a shopper.  But I always forget that I'm not much of a shopper.  I get excited about accumulating all the unnecessary luxuries that I imagine I need and then... after losing my wallet, multiple toddler melt downs, nothing fitting right, and the anxiety of indecision, that comes with racks and racks of style variations, I remember...well I remember a few things actually-

1. I'm not a shopper
2. I need very little compared to what corporations would have me believe I need
3. I am not my outfit

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Letting go of Fear

Opportunities are arising.  And as exciting as they are- there's a little part of me that will miss the cozy comfort of isolation and hibernation and...I think I am understanding more about the challenge of opening up to all that I am- that the issue is not in fearing failure or fearing negativity- but in handling the incredible light, the grandeur of being a spiritual being- the true being that I am- that we all are.

 I'm working on saying yes quickly, without hesitation, before my mind catches up with it's ifs ands or buts.  I'm working on running with the positive possibilities, letting go of the illusion that there is anything to fear but fear itself.   

Friday, August 26, 2011

perfectly imperfect

It is my biggest challenge- to break through the illusion that my life should some how look like some one else's.  Blessed be this life I have co-created out of my freedom to choose.  A life that is by no means perfect but filled with perfect moments- of joy and hardship, perfect mis-communications- if their could be such a thing- so that I might remember how to better emulate the person I want to be.  Blessed be the perfect imperfections that plague my dissipating judgement.  And blessed be all those who witness the grace of life unfolding, just as it is, to help us remember all we set out to be. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

God and I played hide and seek in the beautiful birch trees one day
The brilliant sun filtered through leaves,
rustling in the gentle autumn breeze
Ferns shimmeyed joyfully on the forest floor
She tried to hide her huge birthing thighs, and big pillowy bosom
squeezing tightly behind thin white birch poles
laughing boisterously at the ridiculousness of it all
This game, that we insist is so fun, speaks to the children-
we stay eternally children running from branch to branch,
falling and skinning our knees,
pretending not to see the huge grin of Love peeking from around the tree.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Doing, Less Thinking

Sometimes I long to be one of those people who just has an idea, feels crazy passionate about it, goes for it with wholehearted dedication, and succeeds.  Maybe its never quite that smooth and simple.  Everyone has obstacles I know and the truth is that envy is a space in my life I could really use some spiritual fullness.

 I believe the fullness to fill it up with is gratitude.  Envy is believing I lack what I see, gratitude is seeing all that is there, so that these gifts can expand and fill my perception with spiritual abundance.  Lack is an illusion that I buy into when I am dependant on something other than spirituality. 

So how can I practice this gratitude and truly get better at being grateful.  The thought occured to me that I could think less- he he- I know- it's somewhat obvious, but it was an epiphany for me.  To do more, think less- this is my goal right now. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

In the mood for nonsense

So much to say, where to begin, and so little that is actually neccessary to say, and so many judgements on what takes priority in collecting thoughts to speak about.  And by the time I've collected a culmination of these carefully placed syllables of sound, I find I have all but abandoned the instinctual flow of organically unfolding verbage that so beautifully adornes the self-concious-less heros in my world.  I must think less, or maybe just less about my process of thinking.  Maybe I should take up painting about speaking rather than writing about talking, it might make listening to my thinking more beautiful and less confusing. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A little Adventure not far from home

Jon and I have been craving the ocean, but...we live in Pennsylvania so our next best thing to the ocean, that doesn't involve a lengthy road trip is Lake Erie.  Not too shabby for an ocean substitute if you ask me.  In fact, the only thing that put a damper on the trip, aside from getting eaten alive by bugs towards the end of the day, was the information we found online about the pollution now plaguing this beautiful great lake- still it was beautiful.  And we were able to wade on the shore, collect rocks, and dig our toes into the sand, which made the trip totally worthwhile, even with Haley's meltdowns and protests, and constant signing of "I want" +"outside," while sitting in her car seat.  Plus her mollars were coming in hard yesterday and I got a little carried away with the homeopathic numbing gel, which I think created some confusion for her about why she couldn't feel the tip of her toungue ( and some people say that stuff doesn't work...)      

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

Haley's 1st Birthday!! (and other updates)

This is a little late.  Haley had her first birthday.  Wuhoo!  I spent about 45 minutes decorating even though we only had one guest.  What are you gonna do.  I had fun.  Haley was a little intimidated by all the decorations- she kept looking at them and crying so we had to move the party inside.  She got some fabulous gifts.  I think I might have been more excited about her gifts than she was.   I'm pretty sure she just wanted to play with the box- one of which makes a great walker.  Also, I got accepted to play  a song at Hartwood acres Sunday (big big outdoor stage drawing the likes of such well known singers as Traci Chapman and Josh Ritter) It's part of a local musicians night and I'm super excited.  Not sure if I will be able to have as much fun as I do playing in my living room by myself but I will try... but not too hard, don't want to over try, or under try, which would be detrimental to the over all success of the...oh I should probably just stop thinking too much about it.

Friday, June 10, 2011

crazy but splendid

I can be insane in the worst way and blame him for my insanity.  And tear at the walls of my luxurious provided-for reality with a vengeance that knows no rationale. Imagining lack in the worst hopelessly pitiful way.  I can sink into the quicksand of depression with one negative thought and get sucked so far down that my soul is gasping for breath.... ahhhh!

And then... I can realize, as I listen to them playing in the bath tub, and pause to breathe, and take a moment to collect my pity-filled self, that actually... it isn't so bad.  And as I come to the bottom of my tear reservoir, and find an inkling of hope in the collection of synapse connections that make up my thought patterns, actually it's quite good really.

 Actually, why am I so sad?... she's so precious... he's so, the air conditioning feels so refreshing...wait, what was the problem again?...and then I come crawling up the mountain- deep breath- anticipating the view.  And I get to the top of a night off from bath time and bed time (I've been quarantined to the downstairs with my pouty drama queen, far-less-than-grateful attitude) and I sit here... 

I sit here... typing; breathing; sighing; surrendering... and I get back to the top of my mountain of self and look out, listening to Him singing to Her in the bath tub and the sound of the fan, and the feel of spacious air around me, smiling to myself a little- not forcing it- too tired to force it.  And suddenly the view is nice again and God is good...actually really good... and I might be alright.  I might be more than alright.  I might be splendid- crazy but splendid : )

Monday, June 6, 2011

Chocolate cake and prayer

Sometimes (more often than I'd like to admit) I just need a big slice of chocolate cake... and maybe a roller coaster or two.

 And maybe a huge outdoor concert with friends and family

 and a visit from my future in-laws, who are pretty much the best second family a girl could ask for.  Don't get me wrong I'm sure it sounds like nothing but peaches and cream and... it is : ) but I can still get wrapped up in illusions of lack- and some of it isn't totally illusion-

 I mean I still have only a few friends and Haley's first birthday party is going to be soooo small and wedding plans are in the works, which terrifies me and is reassuring at the same time.  And there are always things to worry about but... why worry when you can pray.

or maybe something more like this:

Saturday, May 28, 2011

a collection of random thoughts

Can't decide whether to blog about our zoo trip this morning, the extreme corruption in capitalism that I just learned more about in Michael Moore's documentary (I always learn MOre in michael MOores documentaries), or parenting goals for this week, or the depressing mental aftermath of late night binging, or the bittersweet practice of doing nothing when nothing is quite satisfying enough to do, especially at midnight, or this dream I had that I found this can of spirituality on the shelf in grocery store next to the canned peas.  I wanted to get it for Haley but Jon said it was too old- that we'll get some fresh- there was dust on the top.  I guess I'll leave it at that.  

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Breathe into where you are, no matter where that may be so you can go further- these were the words my yoga instructor captured my attention with this morning.  
It got me thinking about acceptance and how my mom used to always tell me we think we have to change in order to accept ourselves but we really have to accept ourselves in order to change.   
Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Peaceful day

Sat in the back yard with Haley today looking very closely at ants and roly polies and clovers and...  we watched birds fly and chipmunks scramble and saw one butterfly, lots of clouds and lots of acorns.  Haley is such a little observer.  Sometimes I worry when we are with other little kids and she doesn't really want to participate or when she cries at strangers (maybe it's the age).  But then there are times like today sitting there for ages watching the nature show live in our back yard, and then having a peaceful meal on the river as a family, when I wonder why I feel the need to worry so.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

running in the rain

This is how I let go today, heel toe, left,right, misty eyes, pumping arms, leaping and bounding above worries, as rain drops washed me clean of wanting things to be different.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Don't think too much when your tired

Sometimes its not good to think late at night.  Not good to think about friends you've had to say goodbye to, dancing adventures that seem like a lifetime ago.  It's not good to think about times you've given less than you feel you could, let go of dreams that might have led to great successes.  It's not good to think about the person you once were and the mystery of who you have yet to discover.  It's not good to think about the tension that suddenly has appeared in this weighty silence in front of the television, or the incredible commitment of life- partnership that ensues on the horizon, and not just for a lifetime, according to my religion- through "all the worlds of God."  It's not good to think about these things late at night.  Sometimes it is just time to go to bed.

Friday, May 13, 2011


I have been realizing lately that no matter how much I talk about the importance of gratitude and in my head value it, I just have had the hardest time grasping how to actually live in a state of gratitude- does it mean being joyful? I guess that's a part of it, not taking things for granted? well yes- but HOW do you take action along those lines and not let it sit in your head as an unexpressed ideal.  I found a baha'i quote this morning that really helped me understand this concept of gratitude more deeply and Thank you Abdu'l-Baha for this:

"To thank God for His bounties consisteth in possessing a radiant heart and a soul open to the promptings of the spirit.  This is the essence of thanksgiving."

So... prompting ="carried out or performed without delay"

So often I feel an urge to take some positive action however subtle or monumental and I hesitate...I think out of laziness.  Not that I am by nature lazy- I believe by nature I am a completely tuned in, at one, and motivated to act on all spiritual urges.  I'm really not sure what it is that stops me but by stopping I think I desensitize myself to the spiritual urges.  So I'm making an effort to act on all spiritual promptings however big or small.  Kind of like in that movie Yes Man- maybe not quite so extreme but to some extent I have a tendency to drift into no man land- saying no to all impulses and invitations from people, my mind, my family's invites and it is sort of an ungrateful stance- like saying I'd rather not take that gift actually, I'd rather hide out in my den of cozy misery and remain afraid of daily social interaction....Ok, well maybe that is a little exaggeration of reality but you get what I mean...Hopefully. ; )

New Friends

Haley has been asleep for 2 and half hours! in the middle of the day.  I hope she's not fighting something.  I just went and checked on her and she was in dream land- facial expressions shifting slightly and little ticks of the fingers and eyes lashes. 

I have finally made a few friends- yay! One is a woman from Peru who lives down the street.  She has a little boy the same age as Haley and says we will have to hang out.  It was definitely divine because I was going to go ask her if she wanted to go walking and then I ran into her right down the street with her stroller and I was crossing the street to go up and she was crossing the street to go the same direction and yay. 

The other woman I met was this petite, bubbly, new mom at Kmart.  We got into a conversation in line and we've been texting ever since.  Thank God.    

Monday, May 9, 2011

My mother's visit

And then she left, As swiftly as she came... My mother- Oh how I'll miss her.  She left a trail of flashy new toys and a fridge full of healthy food.  And a grandbaby who has discovered her squeels for delight.  And Jon is anxious to get to the golf course.  Gotta go.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mental Vacation

I'm lying in the sand on a secluded stretch of beach

Bright, beautiful sunshiny day.  Just enough clouds to create a good postcard shot, or to find shapes and cloud beings

The ocean is a clear blue/green, reflecting clear blue sky

waves lapping on the shore,  rhythmic crashing like the soothing breath of a mother, nestling baby on chest

My baby playing at the shoreline, dancing, building sand castles, leaping for joy

Oh and I'm getting a massage from my hubby as I lay there sunbathing

And we're drinking virgin Pina Coladas, with organic pineapples, coconut, and bananas from the banana trees nearby

And we have endless amounts of raw chocolate, we're getting our raw chocolate buzz on and laughing and smiling

The light breeze carries the scent of sea salt and fresh ocean air...oh gotta go Haley just woke up, more later.

This is my mental vacation- suggested in Good Housekeeping to reduce stress.  Just thought I'd share.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Shoot.  My mother just brought to my attention that I spelled emergance wrong- so the URL for my blog here is misspelled- son of a... and she also brought to my attention that I am not 27, I am 28- Ha- how did I miss that.  Oh well.  I guess I will make my misspelled URL a symbol of my work towards accepting imperfection.  More later.. My soon-to-be-hubby just got home.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Haley's Activities- 11 Months

I got a few new books from the library that gave me some new ideas for Haley.  I also mixed in some that I just made up.  Here is a list of what we've been doing recently:
  • Shoe box with a string tied to one end- she likes to put her toys in the box and drag it behind her as she crawls.  Then she takes toys out along the way.  Mostly she plays with the string.  
  • cardboard shapes.  She doesn't quite know how to match them but she likes to bang them together and watch me match them. 
  • Clacking with markers and colored pencils (just because that is what we happen to have around) I'll clack rhythms and she tries to copy
  • Stuffed animal teachers- I gather all her stuffed animals and dolls and together the dolls and I teach her where her nose is, what jumping is, etc.  Right now I read along with this big board book called my first picture word book and the dolls act out what is in the book
  • Hands on walks- we take walks either in her stroller or riding in her ergo carrier (better exercise for me) and as I'm pointing out things I help her touch everything and smell everything
  • Food adventures- put different foods in different containers, sit her on the porch and let her have at it- I usually have to do quite a clean up afterward
  • I haven't tried this one yet: jello painting- get big sheets of wax paper and jello and show her how to "paint" the jello all over the wax paper
  • Scribbling with crayons, washable crayons, I want to try taking them into the bath tub too. 
  • filling containers in the bath tub
  • Sign songs (from the book Baby Signs
  • finger songs like eentsie weentsie spider and if your happy and you know it
  • Dance party
  • Climb cushions, stairs (with supervision), boxes and suitcases
  • Play in the sand box (we don't have one but this would be fun- I think there's local playgrounds that have them)
  • Shoe box full of recyclables (to stack, chew on, and clack together
Anyway these are just a few of the things I've been trying to do with her on a daily basis in case anyone is interested.

While sitting here in silence

While sitting here in silence, I await the divine inspiration that I know lies within me bursting at the seams- the tight- knit, see-through-me-not seams that hold my insides together like a stuffed animal's, well-loved, a little tethered- but these are rugged seams that don't let go.  Today in a meeting I let my insides out a little- I cried when someone asked me how the move was going.  Not because its the end of the world or I am moved by the current state of affairs in the world today (though both are true- I think the world as we know it is ending) but more so because I didn't feel good- what a sort of disappointing catalyst for the process of raining through the eyes.  But yes that was it, no more, I just didn't feel good- I guess there is more though- missing the past and feeling insignificant and wanting to do so much more than I feel I am able to right now.  But in my daily reading from yesterday (A book called Sacred Moments) it talked about humility.  Anyone can feel special in helping end world hunger or taking care of lepers in Ghana (speaking of which watch the movie the human experience- it's excellent).  It takes a real degree of humility to find fulfillment in putting away toys and doing the dishes.  And today I might have found it a little bit.  After I surrendered to exposing my true feelings this morning and letting go of trying to put on a happy face for everyone, I felt a certain sigh of relief.  There was a piece in the movie I just mentioned that talked about how sharing your suffering with a friend brings you closer together and it's part of the quality of bonding that creates human connection. While I don't believe in dwelling in the negative or giving up to stinking thinking all the time, I am realizing that a certain amount of candid sharing can possibly bring the world closer- might be just the ticket for me at this time in my life.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All in a days work

I've included a bunch of positive affirmations in this post for anyone who might stumble upon this blog and need some affirmations- say them aloud, yeah!
I relax and enjoy life.  I know that whatever I need to know is revealed to me in the perfect time and space sequence.

Oh man, in the words of Dave Matthews, "my head won't leave my head alone."  On the one hand my day was precious and peaceful and full of love- I got to hang with my darling daughter, do some spring cleaning, and watch the rain fall from our covered deck.
I fill my mind with positive thoughts
On the other hand my day was lonely and challenging and full of frustration- I still have only one friend (thank you Holly : ) I yelled at Haley (ugh, I know) and didn't really accomplish much.  Well I guess I'm too hard on myself, like so many people probably.
 I feel the joy of abundance
I stumbled upon a mom's group at the park today (yay) but I felt so awkward being a good 10 years younger than everyone there and with Haley's jacket cut up to use as a sun hat, and barging in on their members only group (I guess it costs $20 a year to join) and nobody really said hi to me except one woman who I went up to to ask if this was a mom's group. 
 I have unlimited potential
I definitely don't want to make this the complaint department but I guess I'm just feeling a little stuck and thought I'd share.  It's good to just get it out.  Who cares what people think.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


1.  WISHES: I wish I could stop eating so much, it's really getting old- I know I can, I can it's a choice, all you will power advocates (mostly in my head I'm sure- there are a lot of them) I wish that my thoughts did not battle so much for a space on the page- it reminds me of this Ram Dass talk I heard where he talks about all his thoughts saying, "pick me, pick me."

2. CERTA PERFECT SLEEPER- this new mattress we got for 90 percent off! I've never slept so hard in my life.  I'm not totally sure its a good thing to sleep so hard- I feel a little disoriented in the morning- like I've traveled to far and foreign lands never before traversed.  I wouldn't recommend it if your little one sleeps in the other room-unless your into the CIO method, which, in order to avoid heated debate, I will not discuss here.

3. RECAP OF THE LAST FEW DAYS: play with Haley, walk to park, walk to graveyard (one of the things you can' t get away from here in these parts-graveyards, ice cream shops, and stop signs)  yoga (delicious break from the hustle and bustle-- oh who am I kidding I don't hustle and bustle actually) Clean, nap, make lists of things to do

4. HALEY'S ACTIVITIES: Bubbles, dance party, matching and sorting, clack the markers together, clack the balls together, really big button bag, climb the cushions, cruise the furniture, food adventures with Tupperware, sign everything, bath, story time, make big newspaper mess, bouncy bouncy

5.HIGHLIGHTS OF MY DAY: Yoga this morning with Holly and Ali (awesome teacher who manages to say just the right thing to get me out of my head), Haley gaining confidence with her crawling and climbing at the golf course- almost to the point of me having to chase after her, This right here- working on a blog with Haley fast asleep and Jon at a friends- quiet solitude for the moment.

Just trying to organize my thoughts a little better. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Beginning

I'm starting this blog to emerge...from my cocoon.  Hopefully I have been growing wings.  I might have just been growing a muffin top...either way I can't just sit around stewing in my thoughts by myself, carrying on way-too-grown-up conversations with my 10 month old, and hoping my mother will not get off the phone so fast, yet again.  No- these are unhealthy occurrences at the tender age of 27, mother or not, new city or not, jobless, or not.  Although I am aware that no mother is really jobless and I do believe, at the core of my being, that motherhood is the most valuable job a woman can have.  With that said, I admit that I do at times entertain thoughts of criticism towards myself and my lack of super woman status.  You know the super woman status...mothers who work and are social butterflies, chauffeurs, cooks, side project starters, phone tree heads, volunteers at all their local service venues, oh and bloggers (I'm one step closer : ).  The truth is I yearn to do more.  I crave a little more activity in my day to day life. There are obstacles- My hubby would say I'm making excuses.  Well he's not actually my hubby we're not married yet, We had been dating for 5 months when I got pregnant. We sold all our belongings to move across the country for a new beginning and to be near the city. We don't own our house, we don't have much furniture, we don't have careers or degrees (well I have a bachelors degree actually- I'll save that for another blog), and we have not mowed the lawn yet (lawns are Pristine around here).