Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thankyou Awareness

While searching online for hours it seems, tweeking my search threads to find just the exact collection of writings to motivate, inspire, and leave me with a feeling of fulfillment and togetherness, I realized that what I was searching for cannot be found online (what a shocker)... and might actually require me to get up off my bum and take action... in reality, and not in the virtual cyberspace I have gotten thoroughly lost in.  Thank you awareness.  I'm going to go do some yoga now.   

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Haley and I went shopping today.  I'm not much of a shopper.  But I always forget that I'm not much of a shopper.  I get excited about accumulating all the unnecessary luxuries that I imagine I need and then... after losing my wallet, multiple toddler melt downs, nothing fitting right, and the anxiety of indecision, that comes with racks and racks of style variations, I remember...well I remember a few things actually-

1. I'm not a shopper
2. I need very little compared to what corporations would have me believe I need
3. I am not my outfit