Saturday, May 14, 2011

Don't think too much when your tired

Sometimes its not good to think late at night.  Not good to think about friends you've had to say goodbye to, dancing adventures that seem like a lifetime ago.  It's not good to think about times you've given less than you feel you could, let go of dreams that might have led to great successes.  It's not good to think about the person you once were and the mystery of who you have yet to discover.  It's not good to think about the tension that suddenly has appeared in this weighty silence in front of the television, or the incredible commitment of life- partnership that ensues on the horizon, and not just for a lifetime, according to my religion- through "all the worlds of God."  It's not good to think about these things late at night.  Sometimes it is just time to go to bed.

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  1. Hi Bonnie! I saw you posted a link to your blog on FB. I read a few of you posts. :-) I'm enjoying! This post in particular, is very familiar to me. I totally get it cus I'm so in that space in my head sometimes. Sometimes I feel so guilty for questioning my path (present and past) and for sometimes resenting where I am. Since I had my second baby, I find I think about the past (pre-baby) A LOT. I love being a mom, but man, sometimes it's hard to be "selfless". We should email! It's always good to have mommy friends to give a shout to. :-)

    I look forward to reading more. :-) XO