Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Doing, Less Thinking

Sometimes I long to be one of those people who just has an idea, feels crazy passionate about it, goes for it with wholehearted dedication, and succeeds.  Maybe its never quite that smooth and simple.  Everyone has obstacles I know and the truth is that envy is a space in my life I could really use some spiritual fullness.

 I believe the fullness to fill it up with is gratitude.  Envy is believing I lack what I see, gratitude is seeing all that is there, so that these gifts can expand and fill my perception with spiritual abundance.  Lack is an illusion that I buy into when I am dependant on something other than spirituality. 

So how can I practice this gratitude and truly get better at being grateful.  The thought occured to me that I could think less- he he- I know- it's somewhat obvious, but it was an epiphany for me.  To do more, think less- this is my goal right now. 

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  1. Whether spiritually, or thinking non stop, it is important to find the truth of your own life and start every day from there. The people that have full on dedication to a cause have no reason to look back, or measure themselves against the world around them. It's OK to change direction in life. In fact, every time you feel that you need to change direction, do it! It's OK to stop, think and do nothing. It's OK to lack direction. Look at it this way: Taking steps in the wrong direction for the sake of moving isn't always the best idea. When you get lost in the woods they tell you it is best to stay in the same spot so that you conserve calories, don't panic about trying to find your way out of the unknown, and so that people can find you where you last were. The fact that you have a burning passion to take charge of yourself is the beautiful process of being reborn. Ask questions when you have them, tread lightly to start, run like a champion toward the truth when you smell it. You're already on track. The fact that you share your story with us already proves that you're leading by example. Your butterfly effect is noticed and appreciated.