Friday, May 13, 2011

New Friends

Haley has been asleep for 2 and half hours! in the middle of the day.  I hope she's not fighting something.  I just went and checked on her and she was in dream land- facial expressions shifting slightly and little ticks of the fingers and eyes lashes. 

I have finally made a few friends- yay! One is a woman from Peru who lives down the street.  She has a little boy the same age as Haley and says we will have to hang out.  It was definitely divine because I was going to go ask her if she wanted to go walking and then I ran into her right down the street with her stroller and I was crossing the street to go up and she was crossing the street to go the same direction and yay. 

The other woman I met was this petite, bubbly, new mom at Kmart.  We got into a conversation in line and we've been texting ever since.  Thank God.    

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