Thursday, July 28, 2011

A little Adventure not far from home

Jon and I have been craving the ocean, but...we live in Pennsylvania so our next best thing to the ocean, that doesn't involve a lengthy road trip is Lake Erie.  Not too shabby for an ocean substitute if you ask me.  In fact, the only thing that put a damper on the trip, aside from getting eaten alive by bugs towards the end of the day, was the information we found online about the pollution now plaguing this beautiful great lake- still it was beautiful.  And we were able to wade on the shore, collect rocks, and dig our toes into the sand, which made the trip totally worthwhile, even with Haley's meltdowns and protests, and constant signing of "I want" +"outside," while sitting in her car seat.  Plus her mollars were coming in hard yesterday and I got a little carried away with the homeopathic numbing gel, which I think created some confusion for her about why she couldn't feel the tip of her toungue ( and some people say that stuff doesn't work...)      

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